Chaykin, Howard


2 out of 5

(1 book)

Batman: Dark Allegiances

(Art by Howard Chaykin)

An Elseworlds story which reimagines the Batman as arising in the mid-1930s as a response to the growing threat of fascism in Europe and, more especially, at home in the USA.

I totally get what Chaykin was aiming for with this book, tackling the still-poignant truth that home-grown fascism is every bit as prevalent as that of foreign despots.  For all that Hitler and the Nazis are obviously evil, it's a more important fact that those sorts of regimes don't arise in isolation.

Unfortunately, an alternate reality superhero story is not really the best way of tackling the weighty subject of American fascism.  I get that it's supposed to be allegorical, (Buy this Batman book, but wait!, it's really about rascists!) but actually I found that weaving in alternate versions of Batman, Catwoman, Joker, Two-Face and the Penguin actually cheapens the more important message the writer is trying to convey.

I respect the attempt, but this is definitely 'a swing and a miss'.

2 out of 5


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