About Us

As with most active critics, I would have preferred to be an author myself but never quite made the leap.  However, through the official Star Wars website I did manage to reach peak geekiness when a couple of things I had written were entered into the official Star Wars canon (which is part of the reason I'm now so bitter about Disney erasing that canon).  If you'd like to explore what I wrote, then go to Wookieepedia and search for my name.

Aside from getting a good grade in Advanced Level English Literature, I have absolutely no qualifications that would make my opinion worth listening to.  You'll simply have to judge for yourself whether we're of like minds.


Ian Tapley


The Fragrant Wookiee

(Don't ask).



History of project

So, after years of just voicing my self-important opinions on Amazon, I decided to remake the website that I had many years ago.

This is what boredom will do to you.