Star Wars franchise

George Lucas' Galaxy Far, Far Away (now in the clutches of a ruthless evil empire... Disney)


I've included a few general pointers regarding Star Wars narrative eras to help you find the sort of stories you'll like.

(Note: Because of my love of the old Expanded Universe canon, I have no intention of reading any of evil Disney's new canon which contradicts the EU.  So no tie-ins to the sequel trilogy, no 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' etcetera.  Just so you know.)



LATEST REVIEW:  Star Wars: A New Hope - Manga Volume Four by Hisao Tamaki

TOP PICK: Star Wars: Darth Plagueis by James Luceno

Jason Aaron (Rebellion)

Justin Aclin (Clone Wars)

Roger MacBride Allen (New Republic)

Scott Allie (Prequel, Rebellion)

Aaron Allston (New Republic, New Jedi Order, Legacy)

Kevin J. Anderson (Old Republic, New Republic)

Jeremy Barlow (Clone Wars, Rebellion)

Steven Barnes (Clone Wars)

Mike W. Barr (Clone Wars)

Greg Bear (Prequel)

Terry Bisson (Clone Wars)

Haden Blackman (Prequel, Clone Wars, Dark Times, Rebellion)

Terry Brooks (Prequel)

Cullen Bunn (Prequel)

Rae Carson (Dark Times)

Chris Cerasi (Rebellion)

Paul Chadwick (Rebellion)

Rob Chestney (Old Republic)

Paul Cockburn (Rebellion)

James S. A. Corey (Rebellion)

A. C. Crispin (Dark Times, Rebellion)

Elaine Cunningham (New Jedi Order)

Brian Daley (Dark Times)

Rusel DeMaria (Rebellion)

Troy Denning (New Republic, New Jedi Order, Legacy)

William C. Dietz (Rebellion, New Republic)

Chuck Dixon (Clone Wars)

Kenneth C. Flint (New Republic)

Alan Dean Foster (Prequel, Rebellion)

Alexander Freed (Old Republic, Rebellion)

Jason Fry (Clone Wars, Dark Times, Rebellion)

Zack Giallongo (Rebellion)

Kieron Gillen (Rebellion)

Henry Gilroy (Prequel, Clone Wars)

Christie Golden (Clone Wars, Rebellion, Legacy)

Archie Goodwin (Rebellion)

Claudia Gray (High Republic, Prequel, Dark Times, Rebellion)

Jeff Grubb (New Republic)

Barbara Hambly (New Republic)

Elizabeth Hand (Clone Wars)

Mick Harrison (Dark Times)

Kevin Hearne (Rebellion)

Pablo Hidalgo (Clone Wars)

Jody Houser (Rebellion)

Tom Huddleston (Dark Times)

Justina Ireland (High Republic)

K. W. Jeter (Rebellion)

E. K. Johnston (Prequel, Dark Times)

Drew Karpyshyn (Old Republic)

Paul S. Kemp (Old Republic, Dark Times, Legacy)

Mike Kennedy (Rebellion)

Greg Keyes (New Jedi Order)

Matt Kindt (Rebellion)

Michael P. Kube-McDowell (New Republic)

Miles Lane (Clone Wars)

Tim Lebbon (Pre-Republic)

Marjorie Liu (Rebellion)

James Luceno (Prequel, Clone Wars, Dark Times, New Jedi Order, Legacy)

Darko Macan (Old Republic, Rebellion, New Jedi Order)

George Mann (High Republic)

Russ Manning (Rebellion)

Ron Marz (Prequel)

Vonda McIntyre (New Republic)

John Jackson Miller (Old Republic, Dark Times)

Karen Miller (Clone Wars)

Rebecca Moesta (New Republic)

Michael Moreci (Clone Wars)

Daniel Jose Older (High Republic)

John Ostrander (Prequel, Clone Wars, Dark Times)

Matt Owens (Clone Wars)

Greg Pak (Rebellion)

Steve Perry (Rebellion)

Michael Reaves (Prequel, Dark Times)

Beth Revis (Dark Times)

Nancy Richardson (New Republic)

Matthew Rosenberg (Prequel, Dark Times)

Kevin Rubio (Infinities)

Greg Rucka (Rebellion)

Kristine Kathryn Rusch (New Republic)

Ethan Sacks (Rebellion)

R. A. Salvatore (Prequel, New Jedi Order)

Joe Schreiber (Old Republic, Prequel, Dark Times)

Cavan Scott (High Republic, Prequel, Dark Times, Rebellion, New Republic)

Tim Siedell (Dark Times)

Louise Simonson (Rebellion)

L. Neil Smith (Dark Times)

Charles Soule (High Republic, Prequel, Dark Times, Rebellion)

Michael A. Stackpole (New Republic, New Jedi Order)

Sean Stewart (Clone Wars)

Matthew Stover (Clone Wars, New Republic, New Jedi Order)

Randy Stradley (Prequel, Dark Times)

Todd Strasser (Prequel)

Jan Strnad (Dark Times)

Hisao Tamaki (Rebellion)

Tom Taylor (Clone Wars, Dark Time, Rebellion, New Jedi Order)

Robbie Thompson (Rebellion)

Karen Traviss (Clone Wars, Dark Times, Legacy)

Tim Truman (Prequel)

Kathy Tyers (New Republic, New Jedi Order)

Tom Veitch (Old Republic, New Republic)

John Wagner (Dark Times)

 Daniel Wallace (New Republic)

Jude Watson (Prequel, Clone Wars, Dark Times)

Greg Weisman (Clone Wars, Dark Times)

Martha Wells (Rebellion)

Alex Wheeler (Rebellion)

John Whitman (Rebellion)

Sean Williams (Old Republic, Dark Times, Rebellion)

Walter Jon Williams (New Jedi Order)

Ryder Windham (Prequel, Clone Wars, Dark Times)

Dave Wolverton (Prequel, New Republic)

Alyssa Wong (Rebellion)

Brian Wood (Rebellion)

Jim Woodring (Dark Times)

Timothy Zahn (Prequel, Clone Wars, Dark Times, Rebellion, New Republic)


S. (Pre-Republic, Old Republic, High Republic, Clone Wars, Dark Times, Rebellion, New Republic, New Jedi Order, Legacy)


S. (Pre-Republic, Old Republic, High Republic, Prequel, Clone Wars, Dark Times, Rebellion, New Republic, New Jedi Order, Legacy, Infinities)